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What do you recommend for sunscreen for the face? I have determined that I don't get along with sunscreen that is mixed in with makeup or moisturizers so I am looking for something that I can use solo when I am using nothing else. I am at a point that I am going to stop wearing foundation all together because everything I try is breaking me out but with wearing nothing on my face, I know I need sunscreen. I am very pale and have dry skin that is somewhat sensitive. Suggestions?
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    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer is a good one for your face. I usually put it on in the morning, putter around a bit then do my makeup. It usually sinks right in. I just put a bit of powder on top.
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    I also like the Pure Skin Formulations SPF 30. It absorbs well and doesn't break me out. I then put pressed mineral foundation from Jane Iredale on top.
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    I have the Neutrogena spray and the PSF. They're both good but I find that they leave me really shiny and I feel them on my skin. Shiseido makes really good ones with high SPFs. I bought the highest one specifically for the face and it was the only one that did not leave me shiny and was light.
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    I use Clinique, the spf 40 City Block one. I've been pleased with it. I don't think it breaks me out and doesn't make me any more oily than usual. It blends in easily and is slightly tinted and so acts as a very light foundation.
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    i use Neutrogena Healthy Defense or Olay Complete Defense, but most people find those to be quite greasy. my skin is getting to be drier as it ages, so i don't break out from them.
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    I agree with the Shiseido rec. I apply a blob in the morning and my face stays matte all day.

    The only downside that I find is that when I go to wash my face, it's a little harder because it needs to "break-thru" the sunscreen because it's waterproof. So to combat this, I usually wipe my face a few times with the microfiber washcloth, wash with cleanser and Clarisonic and I'm good to go from there. :)

    Hope that helps.

    I also like the PSF as well....I use several intermixed, all for different applications....
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    yes, I like shiseido as well, and I agree about removing's a little hard. I also like eucerin's extra protective moisture lotion spf 30. It's fragrance-free and oil-free. I've just starting using this and so far so good.
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