Henna effects on curls

There was a poll similar to this on the long hair community forum, but I wanted to see what all of you curlies experienced when you used henna.

If you vote, could you also post saying what kind of henna you used (the body kind or stuff made for hair) and if you are CG or not.

(Also, has anyone tryed cassia?)

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  • curlynikkicurlynikki Posts: 2,420Registered Users
    It relaxed my curl and smoothed the cuticle a lot! My hair is stronger, shinier and hangs better. I buy Jamila henna from

    hth :D
  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    I'm using Yemen from Mehandi.

    Mine didn't relax, which is good cause I didn't want it to. It is loosened up a little for the first day or two then it comes back.

    I do CG for the most part.

    I have used cassia as well, same thing.
  • KookyCurlKookyCurl Posts: 1,980Registered Users
    If anything it enhanced my curl. It clumps better and is super shiny. It's rained off an on all week here and I've had no problems! Granted I've only done one treatment so far (next one on sunday I think!) I bought Jamila from as well.

    I am not CG, mainly because well....I need a bit of poo and I'm too busy to do extensive ingredient research.
  • ArtemidaArtemida Posts: 48Registered Users
    I'm 3B and I use Jamila Henna from for about 2 months now. It relaxed my curl in the sense that it has made my hair more manageable. I am CG as well.
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  • misfitcurlsmisfitcurls Posts: 735Registered Users
    i am a 3b and i used the jamila and i feel it enhanced the curls, made it feel thicker and shinier!
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  • KitaraKitara Posts: 1,224Registered Users
    Jamila from 2C hair

    I don't really know what it did because my hair is never the same day after day. If it changed the texture at all it's very minimal. I think my hair is shinier though.