i've simply decided that curls are definately the best :D

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hey to all my new naturally curly community! i've been visiting this website for ages but only recently joined it - and i'm so grateful i have!! i love curls, and i love other peoples curls as well. basically i love anyone who is willing to loves their curls!

i wanna start off by introducing myself; i'm lolitababe and i'm a mixed phillipino/spanish race. i'm a teen who is big on appearance because i no bad hair days real kill my confidence - especially my hair. my hair has been the topic on everyones lips everytime i engage in a conversation with them. i've taken the good, and the bad, but thankfully, its now mostly good!!

in the beginning i didnt care much for hair. but i guess as you grow older you start to feel the pressure from everyone else trying to turn it into something its not. brushing it. playing with it too much. abusing it with styling tools. not knowing how to treat it properly. and of course, the mortal sin - telling me curly hair was 'bad, frizzy mess that needs to be tamed'! i must admit for a while i hated my curls. i believed all the hype, especially when everyone started buying hair straightners.

i'm mostly a 3a, but i'm sure it is mixed because i have different sized curls everywhere :D. it's thick, black and really BIG! i love it :D everyone in my immediate family has hair that is none like mine. my sisters hair is dead asian straight which is so sleek and shiny and girl would dream to have it. and both my parents have very loose wavy hair. no one really new how to care for my curls, not even me. i virtually grew up with everyone who did not have hair like mine. i always stood out. and eventually it really killed my confidence.

when i asked for a hair straightner from my parents, they said no. they didnt want me to 'destroy my hair', but they had no absolute idea what i, and every other curly girl in the world, was going through - all the humiliation and being 'different'. after that refusal, i decided that i might as well get the best out of my natural hair, and so began my obsession for curly hair. i researched really hard on how to care for curly hair but i ended up getting more on how to straighten it and how to 'fix' my problem hair. after pestering my parents so much they finally bought me a straightener and i was delighted to have it in my hands.

finally, when the day came, the first time i straightened it, it looked terrible. now compliments like i usually did with my curly hair. so, i knew that was it. i suited curly hair better. since then i've been tirelessly searching on how to make my hair the best it can. i finally was led to this sight, which has ~hallelujah~ saved me from my bad hair days and given me a new appreciation and love for my natural hair state.

now i no how to care for it more, however, i am still searching for tips for anyone out there willing to offer! i love my curls so much and i wouldnt change them for the world. a lot of people love them now too. i think once you start appreciating your own curls thats when everyone else starts doing that too! i'm so much more confident in myself now and r so much more comfy in my curly hair. if i straighten my hair, i feel so self conscious, that i wet my hair the next day so i can have it back! its really weird, i look different, and everyones like, 'No! what happened to your hair?" some people only talk to me when i straighten my hair though, which really gets to me. luckilly thats only some people.

as a curly girl, i love the individuality of it all and i really believe it is an expression of my personality. most girls wear their hair dead and straigh**** really confidence boosting when others compliment my hair, and it really makes me love it more. people love to play with my hair. slowly i am converting all my curly straightening friends in leaving their hair curly. :D

i have to thank naturallycurly.com for helping me out in my journey to appreciating what god has given me. i would love to get to know everyone here and im so glad i am part of a community who has the same hair as me!

xo lolitababe


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    I love your positive attitude! We're glad to have you as a part of our curly community.

  • lolitababe!lolitababe! Registered Users Posts: 3
    thank you for your positive feedback! i love this site and im hooked to it :D its really breathed new life to my curls. already i am trying out all the different techniques :)

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