At what week did your baby descend?

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I went in to the doctor's office yesterday for a routine prenatal visit, and began having some cramps that persisted for two hours. My OB told me to go to the hospital to make sure it wasn't preterm labor, and the residents found nothing wrong (no opening cervix, baby in good condition, etc.).

However, I'm going on my 31st week and the baby's head is already in the pelvic area. One of the residents told me that babies flip all around inside, so her head being down was not an indicator that I'm getting ready to go into labor.

I've read that babies descending in weeks 34 and up is good, but before then could be a little risky. When did your baby's head engage, and did he/she move into a different position afterwards?


  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Banned Users Posts: 24,963 Curl Neophyte
    I don't really remember, but I know that last mo I was miserable!
    The little one arrived the day before due date.
    The little one was always moving & still on the move :lol:
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    Never - he was always sitting really low so I never felt any extra dropping.
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    Mine was always really low too. I never felt any dropping.
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    None of mine ever "engaged" during pregnancy, except the last one who engaged a moment before being born.

    Lots of women carry low and their baby's head is engaged early on. It doesn't indicate anything really. Babies go vertex around week 28-ish, so most don't "flip" around much after that. They wiggle and kick and move and roll over, but they don't usually flip much after that.
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    #1- 39 weeks 3 days (I was at work)

    #2- I carried her low the whole time, dhe never dropped.

    #3- Some of you might remember that he flip flopped around for weeks from vertex to transverse several times. At around 41 weeks I thought I was in labor, went to the hospital, and he was engaged. I walked around for an hour and went back to see if I was actually in labor and while I had dilated 2 more cm during that hour, his head had floated back up. I asked the midwife to give me an ultrasound to make sure he was still vertex (he was). Anyway, contractions stopped, I went home, by Tuesday afternoon he was engaged again and he was born Wednesday morning (41 weeks 5 days by their dates, 41 weeks 1 day by mine). So I guess they can disengage.
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    Mine dropped around 37 or 38 weeks I think, but then she was back up at my last two appointments.
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    Were any of you crampy during the early 30 weeks? Like PMS cramps where you're getting ready to come on your cycle?

    I'm still cramping from yesterday.
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    37 weeks 4 days. I remember it because the morning after we had pregnancy photos done, I woke up and my belly was noticeably lower.
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