Long time curlie trying to learn to appreciate

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I have had curlie hair all my life and am just in the past couple of years experimenting with showing my true hair. I believe I am a 3b - really curly at the length I am. My question - is how do you deal with the strange looks when you go from straightening to showing up one day in tight curls? I feel like an outsider sometimes. Of course, most people have had no idea how curly my hair is, I have had my hair in a shorter style bob - I even had one of my friends daughter ask her if it was me the other day when I showed up curly! :) If I could keep the frizz down and manage the curls a bit better I think it will work out - hopefully that is what I can learn here. My boys call it wrinkled and sometimes ask me not to wrinkle my hair!


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    Rock those curls! I've found that confidence goes a long way toward helping others get used to your curls. If you show that you love them, they'll love them too.

    Welcome to the curl community!

  • curlconfusedcurlconfused Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks! I think you are right - I just need to learn to control them and it will be fun!:nike:

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