curly hair extensions ?

I was wondering if anyone has seen any curly hair extensions ,preferably clip on ones?
I haven't seen a thing , and I'm looking for 3B ones. I'm also wondering how much they would cost.


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    I am looking too. I have 3b/3c hair. there are some extension forums that I hae been lurking around and still have not found a good source. they suggest waggman for curls, but you have to have them send you samples. I have found that it is cheaper and you get a better quality if you buy hair in a weft and make your own clip ins. they have tuts out there and it looks very easy. i have bought some synthetic straight hair and plan on curling them with a curling iron to match my own curl. The hair is supposed to hold curl very well even after washings. If you want i will let you know how my experiment turns out. hope this helps.
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    LOL that is how I found this site! Was looking for curly hair extentions ended up on a forum and someone linked to this forum. True surfing of the net!

    I wanted the clip in type I could wear on occasion. Thought it would be fun. I did end up buying remy quality real hair that has all hair cuticles going in the same direction (they won't tangle and matt that way). I got the weft and took a few days sewing all the clips on them. (I bought three colors for a more natural look because I have so many colors in my hair (that does not show up in my photos!), sewed them together and then sewed the clips on - dark blonde, blonde, and strawberry blonde) Used them once and a lady asked me if I was wearing hair extentions. That was the end of those. I did not want to wear them if they were too obvious....but I think she was in the hair business as she said she needed to learn how to do them and hence had a eye for spotting them. Since then I have washed them (co-washed!) and the curls got pulled out much more - much more similar to my own.

    You can buy straight ones and have them permed to resemble your own type of curl. I bought a fairly tight curl (similar to my idea of a 3b - there are tighter if you look around and of course waves). It is hard to find the curl pattern that matches our own so it might make extentions look more obvious on us curlies. Course you can put them in rollers/bendable noodles (whatever!) yourself each time after you wash them.

    The thing I found too was the ends were more tightly curled, guess where they started wrapping around the perm rods first. Plus the ends were in need of a trim! Kinda straggly. So you might want to factor that in when deciding on the length you want.

    I forget how much I paid for them. Prices vary greatly. Highest quality comes from Russia - fine and blonde - lowest prices comes from China - coarse hair. Mine are likely from India which is somewhere inbetween the two. And then there is the hair that has been stripped of the cuticles - they shouldn't be expensive as they no longer need to be careful of cuticle direction but I have seen prices vary on this type so careful....also I heard they get dull and dry in a hurry I guess because there is no cuticle protecting the hair core. They look good at first because of the silicone treatment. Then some are cheap that have cuticles going in both directions - they matt up terribly in no time - these too look good at first but get bad fast fast fast. Then there are the synthetic ones......they usually have an unnatural shine to them and are more obvious. And they are harder to curl and you can't dye them to match your color. I would imagine they are hot too. But they are really inexpensive compared to high quality real hair so they might be a great place to start to see if you like extentions - then later graduate to the real hair ones if you do.

    ETA: In the meantime my hair has really grown so the only thing extensions would give me is more volume AND I like my hair more now that I am CG. :) So there they sit.......

    ETA again: Course now that I co-washed them they are longer so maybe.......I might clip them in and see how they are. :)
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