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Hi everyone. I've been searching around the site and have found answers to some questions but not all so here goes. I'm posting primarily on my daughter's behalf - not that she can't and won't do so, but to be honest, I feel a bit to blame. Partly genetics - she has a cross between my hair (wavy most of the time, small corkscrew curls when the length is right, but nothing major) and my husband (think Einstein, or finger in electrical socket). Partly because, having tried out a stylist myself and feeling that she did a good job, I sent her there - big mistake. Anyway her hair is still fairly long (mid back) but she's trying to work out where to go from here.

Anyway here are my questions (in no particular order)

1) How do people cope with those "horns" that appear along the hair line? This hair never grows any longer - just sticks there. What happens if you have bangs with this?

2) Do you think layers (particularly at the back) encourages curls or not? She has a patch of hair at the back of the head which almost looks as if she's been wearing a hat. She suspects that if the hair was a bit shorter it might be more incline to curl there.

3) How do you explain to a stylist what you want? At the moment it looks a bit like a pyramid.

I realise that I sound like the most intrusive mother in the world (DD is 22) but I can well remember the trauma of leaving multiple hair stylists in tears and I've really had to wait to menopause (when my hair texture changed) to be able to consistently manage my hair - I don't want her to have to wait that long :toothy7:



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    You're such a good mom to seek out advice on how to help your daughter love her curls!!!

    Check out our CurlSalons section to find a stylist who knows how to work with curls. They will know how to work with all of the issues you mention. Be careful with layers because if done wrong, they can create a "shelf."


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