Combing dry hair?

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Just wondered what people's views are on this? It seems like it's totally anathema to the CG routine, but I find that if I don't comb my hair a couple of times a day it really looks dull and messy. (There are a couple of pictures of people with wavy type curls in the CG book who look to me like they need desperately need a comb! Not sure if I'm just prejudiced though.)

My curly routine is, after washing my hair, put some clear gel on the bottom layers and a bit of CK on the top. Then twist it into big curls and let it dry. Several hours later (or the next morning) I comb it out and, if necessary, wet the curls slightly. My hair goes a bit poofy for a couple of minutes, but if it's a good hair day, it settles back down into its curls and waves (only waves on the top layer, unfortunately :( - it almost never curls properly there). It's true that I lose a bit of curl, but it looks neater, shinier and clumpier. If I don't comb it, I look from a distance like I've got dreadlocks.

I just don't think I could ever not comb my hair! Wonder what Lorraine Massey would say...


  • brown_eyedgal20brown_eyedgal20 Posts: 412Registered Users
    No, I don't ever comb or comb my gets HUGE and poofy and super frizzy. I only brush it about once every couple weeks (when dry) right before a DT.

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    Oh I definitely do NOT comb my hair during the day. It poofs out like mad (see the brushed out thread :laughing7:) My kids do brush it at night though, but not to make it look better. Just because they like to "do" my hair.
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    No, I don't ever comb or comb my gets HUGE and poofy and super frizzy. I only brush it about once every couple weeks (when dry) right before a DT.
    ditto. not to mention the breakage that would ensue.
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    No, I don't comb my dry hair with a comb, but I finger comb the underneath part (the nape of my neck area) in the mornings if it looks ratty from sleeping.
  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    I could understand some 2s liking to comb. There's one part I keep getting stuck on though. There is gel in it??? Doesn't that stick it together and make it all breaky?
  • brown_eyedgal20brown_eyedgal20 Posts: 412Registered Users
    Riot Crrl wrote: »
    I could understand some 2s liking to comb.

    I am definitely not a 2 who would ever brush or comb! :)
    See the brushed hair thread...big BAD hair is what I have when it's all brushed

    Loving JC and CK products...:) Been loving them for 3 years...looking to branch out and try new things!!!
  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    LOL that's why I said some :)

    I used to do it when my hair was so long that it was stretched out to a 2 of some form. But I also had no idea that anyone wasn't supposed to.
  • GeoCurlGeoCurl Posts: 84Registered Users
    I've started combing again, and I wish I'd done this all along. My hair is not thick, and if I leave it completely alone, I have beautifully formed ringlets that I can practically see through. I really need the volume from combing - sometimes finger combing is enough, and other times I use a really wide toothed comb. Does it frizz somewhat? Yes, but it makes my hair look thicker. Do I sometimes comb the curl out? Yes, but I'd much rather have voluminous-looking 2c waves to thin-looking 3a curls. And while I once would have had breakage due to tangles, knocking off the sulfates and 'cones has given me hair that actually can be combed.

    So if combing works for you, then by all means, comb! :)
  • KitaraKitara Posts: 1,224Registered Users
    Ahhh, OK I can see why that would work for you. I already have too thick hair so combing only makes it unbearable.

    I too have noticed less breakage when my kids brush my hair at night. It's not nearly as tangly as it was when using sulfate/silicones. I didn't even really think about it until you just mentioned it and thought back to tonight when DS was brushing my hair. It's so slippery and easy to untangle.
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    I comb dry with a wide tooth wooden comb. I'm always very careful and gentle. No tearing or breaking.

    It's been so windy here that I always comb 2nd day hair. It looks dry and horrible if I don't but it looks good if I do. I've started combing first day hair occasionally and probably will do it more often. My hair is very fine and thick but since going CG it combs quite easily. I don't have a good curl pattern. Oh, here and there I'll have a good day but most of the time it's not very nice. I've found combing it makes it soft, smooth and shiny. Like the best of when I used to straighten it but with waves and the occasional curl. I've stopped using product (except for KY) since that was making it dry and crispy. So for me that's not an issue with combing.

    If you are happy combing and you aren't damaging your hair I say do what makes you happy. Just make sure you're using a good comb. I'm thinking of investing in a horn comb. They are supposed to be less damaging according to the LHC.

    Forgot to add that after I comb I run my finger through to break it all up. Makes it look like the old fashioned finger waves of 1920's hair.
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