CK alternative - Astroglide vs. KY Silk

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I haven't gotten around to ordering CK yet but have been experimenting with KY and Astroglide as alternatives for a few weeks now. Thought I'd let you know my opinion.

I really like the KY Silk. I use it on dripping wet hair in the shower. I've used it alone and under both hard hold and medium hold gels. I really like how my hair feels when I use it alone but the curls don't hold up to wind as well as they do with gel. Ha, I should maybe restate that as wind just sucks and both ways my curls don't hold up. They just look a little bit less bad with gel than without.

I've also been trying the Astroglide. I really don't get good results with this stuff (used it with and without gel). I think it might be because it's stickier than the KY Silk which is really liquidy. The Astroglide seems to stick to my hands and even though I'm putting it in dripping wet hair in the shower it seems to stick to my palms and pull bits of hair away from the clumps. I get a lot of surface frizz with Astroglide that I don't get with KY.

I'm definitely going to get CK to compare but really like KY Silk. I'd recommend it.
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