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I'm biracial guy (black/white) and have 3b/3c hair, and I've been sporting my curly hair for the past 5 years. I just grew tired of having really short hair it was straight and boring. Now my hair resembles a lot like corbin blue(I had it before he did!!). But there is just a few things that just make me so angry!!!

Black people can be so hateful and mean sometimes. The dont see it as curly hair no but Jheri Curls! That is just a huge insult to me my hair is not a greasy chemical mess of a head, doesn't look wet and just does not resemble it in any way...that or they just look at me and as soon as my back is to them they laugh hysterically and I know its about my hair.

On the other hand white people just love it!! lol


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    Well when I first cut my hair and had it styled curly the first negative comment I received was "did you get a jherri curl?"

    You'll have to ignore people and do what is good for you, regardless of whether they are black or white. My son is biracial too and he sports an afro and his cousins make fun of him, but he doesn't care and he just does what makes him happy.

    I notice that whites love the whole big hair, bushy hair look. Maybe it looks exotic, I have no idea. We people of color have this obession with jherri curls and we don't necessarily embrace that curly look on guys too much.
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    I'm white and I don't have experience with this exact scenario, but it sure sounds mean-spirited on the part of others. Good for you for wearing your hair the way you like it, regardless of other people's limited perspectives.
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    I think at some point everyone with curly hair gets picked on or hears rude remarks regarding their hair...people are just plain mean. I'm a white female with long curly hair and I'm proud to say I have never in my 30 years straightened it regularly or anything done to permanently alter it, it's been curly my whole life!

    Even though I've heard my fair share of rude comments (see my post on the drunken idiot from this weekend) there are many many more people who love it and are jealous...so I say good for you for doing what you want with YOUR hair. Just be thankful you're not one of those people who feel it's ok to make someone else feel bad about something that is naturally theirs. I don't know why some people have such a problem with curly hair that it makes them feel as though a rude comment is in order...it's just weird to me.
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    You seem like a cool, hip young man!! Please don't see it as a black or white thing. It's just ignorant people, making ignorant comments. I'm a black female and I was a little taken back when you said that we as black people can be so hateful. Next time, maybe you should address those haters as ignorant, regardless of race:wink: But anywho, shake those haters off!!
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    i get that ALL THE TIME! and it really doenst help that i do drip for about 3+ hours aftter i get out of the shower. i def. feel your pain.....
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