Returning to curly!! Growing out chemically straightened hair

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Hi everybody!!

I really hope someone can offer me a little advice here. I chemically straightened my hair a year ago. It was wonderful for about 2 months but it quickly regained all of its original volume with none of the shape. :cry:

Now I've decided I want my curls back- where do I begin?

I have 2-3 inches of curly regrowth then the rest of the ends is just poofy and fairly straight down to 4 inches past my shoulders. It's all one length at the mo and I normally wear it tied back just to hide what a mess it is. The ends are in all sorts of trouble though, so I'm getting them cut off soon.

But is there a type of haircut or style I can ask my stylist for that will encourage curliness instead of poofiness?

Do you just recommend going for the big chop? How big does the chop have to be? Couldn't I just get some layers? Do I have to start using curly hair products and scrunching it up again? (when I do that at the mo it just ends up looking a bit limp and sorry for itself)

Is there any other way?

I seriously would never have permanently straightened my hair if I had considered how hard it is to grow it out again.

I feel like a right mess because my hair NEVER looks like I've bothered with it, even when I've spent a long time conditioning it and so on. I don't like using heat styling on my hair every day as its so damaging.

Anyway ladies (and gents) I hope you can help the dilemma

hope to hear from some of you soon :)



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    It is completely up to u if ur comfortable going for the big chop. When I was transitioning I cut some off every few months, it was too hard to immediately part with my straight ends. My advice is to keep ur hair very moisturized bc it extremely fragile in this stage and prone to breakage at the line of demarcation. As for styles you could try braid out and twist outs, or the twist n curl. I would just shoot for a lot of protective styling.

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    Hi, Lou,

    Your hair length (both the natural and the straightened) seems about the same as mine. I stopped relaxing back in Nov '08.

    My hair drives me crazy at times, too, because it gets so frizzy and poofy. Although I was thinking about doing the BC in July, I changed my mind. (Partly because I can't seem to find a good stylist in my area and partly because the last time I did that, I looked much older... of course, now I am much older!)

    I opted to join the grow out challenge. I discovered that with a good leave-in and gel, I can twist my hair into nice, defined curls. (Using Biotera Curl Creme and Styling Gel.)

    Then again, if you've experimented and nothing seems to get your hair to look right, it may be damaged, and you may have to get it cut. If so, I hope you have or can find a good stylist who can work with your hair type and face shape.

    Please keep us posted. :glasses9:
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    I'm going through the same thing, I relaxed my hair twice this year & decided to go back to curls...I will not BC my hair. It will get too poofy and my facial shape looks horrid with short hair. I will get trims here and there. I started out with major deep conditioning treatments twice a week (sleeping with it in my hair), and taking biotin & flax seed oil, along with my daily vitamin, b/c my stylist said it helps hair.

    As for styling, I "scrunch" and twirl my hair around my fingers to give it similiar shape all over but I have heard twist sets & braids will also help shape hair. I just discovered that after I co-wash and use conditioner, leaving it in is great for defrizzing and shaping curl!

    For special occassions only, I use my tiny barrel curling iron and make sporadic curls all over, and especially on the ends that are hard-headed to blend the crazy curls. I use a heat protector before doing this. I know heat is a no-no for some but I only do this a few times a month, if that.

    best of luck, and as my friends told me, BE PATIENT! I can't tell you how badly I want this transition to be over and done with! :)
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    HI my last relaxer was 6 months ago. i have about 3 inches of curl and the rest is straight fuzz. i also would never of had this done had i know that it would be this difficult. but the one thing that has helped is hair cuts. . i have had about 6 inches total(not at one time). i usually get 2 inches at a time and now have a few layers with a kind of inverted bob(shorter in back) the longest part is about to my shoulder, mabie a bit shorter.(the front) i find the more i cut the more curl. i figure that i have mabie 1 or 2 more cuts then ill be pretty good.( ill work on lentgth later. one thing at a time) the back is almost all curly. the front, now that is still a wreck. so i have been finding hairstyles with clips ...
    gel, gel gel and more gel. diffuse your curl in... it does help, although it is time consuming. i use curl spray and curl creme.and curl gel. diffuse, more gel more diffuse. good luck. i feel for you because this is so frustrating. i see people with beautiful curls and i want mine back so bad. sam