Newbie - Please help. my type, and how to manage?

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My curls are across the spectrum. On top they can appear barely wavy, but fresh after a shampoo my hair often naturally forms "Boticelli" ringlet/curls on the bottom layer, and semi-curly waves on top. With no product this tends to get frizzy, so I usually air dry after applying gel. If I want to go out and have a more styled appearance I will blow dry to give more body, and add a few curls with the curling iron to assist the top layer in matching more closely to the bottom layer.

I've gone with the curl/wave for a while now because my hair is thick and fine, and whenever I've tried to straighten it myself, it just looks like a poofy semi-straight and awful.

Also, when I attempt to stop using shampoo, I seem to have less and limp curl, not more, unless I condition daily, but this gets oily, and I almost feel like I need to condition and rinse with hot water twice a day, so I break down and shampoo. Arghh! I’ve only been trying for a few weeks, but I’m not succeeding yet.

Also, I live in a the dry desert climate of Utah, so it is hard to maintain a curl for that reason alone.

What curl type am I, and how do I take care of it? Any tips?



  • jersey8jersey8 Registered Users Posts: 195
    You would probably get more replies if you post this on the general board. :D This board seems pretty dead lately. Also, posting pics will help in others trying to type your hair. Good luck.
    2b, low porosity, high density, fine, loves protein
  • CricketCricket Registered Users Posts: 205
    I consider myself 2a from roots to ear level because it is more wavy but still lays close to my head. Then from ear level down I am 3a because I get medium to large some stringy some clumpy spirals. The right side of my head is more clumpy spirals than the left. I still have bangs I am growing out, so I still get a few smaller spirals around my face. My hair is thin and fine, and a little below shoulder length.

    I found it helpful to look at the other posters' pictures to try and figure out my hair type/texture/curl. My hair is thinner than most. I wash and condition almost everyday. I cannot do second day hair unless I put it up in a pineapple pony, and then if I took it down my hair just looks like big waves, no curls.

    When I first joined here I was a real product junkie and I have never really found my holy grail product. I still have too many products and can't afford to keep tossing and buying anymore. I just keep rotating through and making notes on what works and what doesn't. I'm hoping one day I will end up with maybe three stylers I really like and get over being so obsessed with my wavy/curly hair.

    I do like the Nexxus Therappe shampoo and Nexxus Ensure Conditioner I am using right now. I got them at Trade Secret.

    Hope this has been helpful.
    3a fine, thin, loose curls
  • Sego LilySego Lily Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies! :D

    jersey8, great advice, and I have been browsing the other forums, doing some searches, and finding much of the info I need.

    Cricket, your experience and info is very helpful. Sounds like we have similar hair. When I was little I was definitely a 3A, with a full head of ringlets, but from the time I hit puberty I've been somewhere between a 2A and a 3A.

    I'm hoping that by following the advice here and in the CG book, I can have better results. It's so great to have a forum like this after years of difficult 'bad hair' and wishing my hair were just straight!
  • kimmyckimmyc Registered Users Posts: 551
    You said you get oily when not using shampoo. An important thing I learned was to make sure to really massage the scalp with conditioner for a few full minutes, let it sit there, massage once more, then rinse. Massaging the scalp for longer and letting it sit there and work for a few really made a big difference for me. Just sharing the info.
    Also, some people have noticed that their canopy/ outer layer curls up more after they are trying CG. I think sometimes the canopy tends to be straighter because it's exposed to everything more (cold, heat, sun) being that it's the outside layer. Maybe you'll notice a difference soon too. (of course alot of folks, myself included have different types of curl all over so it may be that too- my underneath layer is pretty much straight!)
    As jersey8 said the General board is a little faster moving if you have any questions and don't get a response here.
    Welcome and have fun!! :D
    2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
  • MaryRoseMaryRose Registered Users Posts: 4
    It sounds like we have very similar hair, and we also live in similarly dry climates (I'm in Montana)---not always conducive to bringing the full-fledged curliness out of our hair.

    I'm a 2a near the top, and a 3a everywhere else---big spiral curls. My hair is baby fine but I have a lot of it (or HAD, until the recent awful haircut I got in which the stylist, who was, incidentally, a total mouth-breather, cut a ton of hair out).

    When I lived in moist San Diego, by the sea, my hair was always full and curly and pretty, and product-free. Here in dry MT, it's tends to be flat--still curly, but flat.

    I can brush out the curl, twist it into a bun or a braid, undo, and have soft waves, if I want. That's my version of "second day hair," since there's no way my curls will look nice for two days. But I haven't been brushing it at all lately, preferring to enjoy my spirals.

    I can't just shampoo with conditioner, as much as I like the idea of doing so! My hair looks too flat when I do that, and oily, and you can start to see my scalp---not a good look! Shampooing with shampoo helps it look fuller. Lately I wet and condition it every single day. I shampoo every 2 or 3 days, depending on if I've worked out sweatily or whatever. I comb conditioner through my hair in the shower, rinse out. I plop in a microfiber towel. Then I take off the towel, spray a leave-in conditioner all over (Giovanni--I only use paraben-free products, and sulfate-free shampoos), don't comb, and let it air dry. My hair is super soft, healthy, and shiny with this routine. Sometimes I diffuse, which helps increase the volume but changes the nature of the curl. I got some good diffusing tips on the 3a board.

    I get lots of compliments on my hair, like most curlies do, but I'm not in love with it. I wish it would grow right out of my head in a curlier fashion, and stick out more, with more volume.
  • kaesekaese Registered Users Posts: 137
    MaryRose wrote:
    I wish it would grow right out of my head in a curlier fashion, and stick out more, with more volume.

    Me too! My hair is virtually straight for the first two inches from the roots, but from there down it curls (3A). I'd really rather it be consistently one way or the other. Will anything make the top of my head curl?
  • seleneselene Registered Users Posts: 11
    Cricket: what is a pineapple pony?
    Curl Type 2A
    Lone HG product: Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner

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