I got the book!!!!!!

Hi guys. Today, at the library, I finally got it!!! Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey, that is. Wonderful book. So many questions answered. :)

I've been attempting to go CG, but everything makes a bit more sense after reading the book.

It was kind of scary how she pegged me, though... :sad8:

What did everyone else think of the book?
3a/b ?

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    A classic. I didn't know I was a curly girl until I read it in while waiting for a hair cut! I enjoy the tone of the book and the lighthearted attitude she has toward curls.

    I bought it myself and still refer to it. Many of the recipes are good and as time goes on, I find her advice works better for my hair. Her styling products didn't work well for me at first, although the conditioner and poo were great, but now I love them.

    I hear there is another edition coming out soon, too!
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    I think too many people use the expression "it changed my life," but in this case, "Curly Girl" really did change my life! Her concepts introduced me to a new approach to caring for my hair that I know I'll never give up.

    You'll be so glad you have that book to refer to! It's small and light-hearted, but it's truly a keeper.
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    Well the overall concept of washing your hair with conditioner and all that stuff is certainly a good one.

    It's missing a lot of detail that would have been helpful, and luckily we can find it out here.

    I fear the recipes.

    The hair typing is quite nebulous, I can't tell what kind of hair I have from the book.

    Also I'm not sure what's up with the constant negativity. It's all like "You know you're a curly girl if!

    - You write emo goth poetry about your hair and post it in your MySpace
    - You don't leave the house without a bag over your head
    - You hate yourself and want to die!!1"

    It wasn't that bad, sheesh. I just thought that my hair was "80s."

    It's kind of weirdly organized.

    But, it's worth it for the conditioner washing and no silicones concepts.

    And that is my review of Curly Girl.