Removing buildup

What kind of products do you use to remove buildups from you hair. I know Neutrogena has a anti-residue shampoo. Are there any other products available or are there any home-made recipes to remove build-ups. My hair is getting pretty dull with all the build-ups.


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    Sounds like you'd enjoy a good apple cider vinegar rinse, pharma_gal!

    They're easy to do. Generally, use about a tablespoon of vinegar to every cup of water.

    1. Wet hair thoroughly
    2. Pour the ACV rinse over your hair
    3. Apply conditioner and let it sit a few minutes
    4. Rinse out conditioner as you normally would -- the vinegar will come out at this time, leaving no aroma behind (opinions vary on this point, but I've yet to have my hair smell like vinegar when using this method)

    ACV rinses remove product buildup and just generally perk up your hair. They don't remove 'cones, though.
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    Are you using silicones? What type of buildup do you have?

    I don't typically get build up with the products I use, but when I do start to feel "producty" then I do an ACV rinse. Once in a while I use lowpoo when I feel like I "need" it, but I've decided to cut that out and see what happens. Maybe I don't "need" it after all.
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    It really depends what the buildup is made up of.

    If it's silicone-free conditioner I can normalize it right away with a vinegar rinse.

    If it's silicones, depending what silicones they are, it could take anything up to several washes with sulfate shampoo.
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    Do I have to shampoo before I ue the ACV rinse?

    I think some of the products that I use do contain silicones. Only recently Ive started reading abt silicones and how bad they are. In the future I will avoid buying products with silicones. For now, how do I get rid of them? thanks so much!
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    You can get rid of silicones with sulfate shampoos. If your hair is long, you probably have to lather it all though, in case you are used to just focusing on the scalp with the shampoo.

    You don't have to shampoo before vinegar rinse, but if you have silicones in your hair the vinegar rinse will just fail to remove them.
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    sorry for the ignorance but do the herbal essences shapoos contain sulfate? That is the one Im using now. I dont have long hair and I always use shampoo on the roots as well as all the way down through the hair..Is that enough to remove the silicones? But Im definitely trying the ACV rinse tomorrow..thanks!
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    Look at the bottle. You're looking for Sodium Laurel (or Laureth) Sulfate and it's usually one of the first ingredients.

    There are others, but those are the most popular.
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    Thank you so much!