Have you straightened it yet?

RawrSallyRawrSally Registered Users Posts: 1,388
Ever since I got my haircut about a week ago, three people have asked me, "So have you straightened it yet? I want to see it straight."
I want to just say to them, "If you want to see straight hair, then look in the mirror and leave me alone." But that would be rude.

It took long enough to bring my hair back from the dead, I'm not about to start straightening it again.


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Tell 'em, nah, don't want to mess with perfection. :compress:

  • CurlyEyesCurlyEyes Registered Users Posts: 2,983
    You could always say yes, and that you didn't like it. No need to mention that it wasn't with this haircut.
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  • RawrSallyRawrSally Registered Users Posts: 1,388
    Haha, both are very good comebacks.
    I kind of want to say Speckla's though. Just because that seems like something I would say.. hahah.
  • 30isthenewblack30isthenewblack Registered Users Posts: 49 Curl Neophyte
    I can't stand it when people ask me if I have ever straightened my hair. It's really rude & disrespectful. Do people go around asking people with straight hair whether they have curled it? People who ask this question have this idea already that straight hair is better. I just look them in the eyes & say to them that I have always worn my hair curly & I have never wanted to have straight hair & I watch them squirm in awkwardness.
  • tulipantulipan Registered Users Posts: 209 Curl Neophyte
    On my studies I've got 3 girls with beautiful curls. Owners of them need to care, moisture or somethign, but got beautiful spirals. Two girls are 3b/c, one chin length, second loooong, oh so long! Third girl has also long 3A. We were sitting with straight girls before exam and I talked about curlies how beautiful they are and so on. This 3A girl told, that she needs to go to hairdresser, but doesn't know what cut she wants. Than she told she had her hair straightened once. After she said it one of straighties asked her: only once????
    I didn't fight, because this straight girl is full of insecurities so I didn't want to bring her down. But I think it was rude. If it wasn't a speaking while we all talked how beautiful are curls and how we loved it - I think her words could hurt. Fortunately they sunk in th sea of compliments;)
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