Is Creme of Nature supposed to have lather?


I bought Creme of Nature shampoo a while ago, as a more gentle alternative to my shampoo that had sulphate. I notice that when I put it in my hair, it lathers though. I thought only sulphate shampoos gave that lather. I didn't see sulphate on the ingredients list, so what's going on?


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    For me it lathers as well, but does not seem to dry my hair out at all. Giovanni Tea Tree triple Treat shampoo (also sulfate free) also lathers when I use it (more than Creme of Nature), but it also dries my hair out more than the CoN, so I only use it when I need a gentle clarifier and it seems to do the trick. I follow with a rick conditioner or DT with the Giovanni, but with CoN, I just use a leave in.
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    When I used it, it lathered. I could never figure out why either because the ingredients never listed a sulfate. But my hair never dried out either. I just nixed it because I found something I liked better.
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