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I first have to thank you all for putting together such a great bulletin board. I have learned alot in a relatively short time about caring for my hair. And having a group of "curl" friends to to discuss hair topics has been great!

When I checked out styling tips I thought the info on dreadlocks was really interesting, and I looked forward to seeing styling tips for 4A/B. I know there is not information out there for natural (not relaxed) 4A/B but personally I would rather see a blank space than the relaxed styles many of us are trying to get away from. Lusters suggestions for hair care, using "Pink Oil" have not gotten good reviews at all on other hair sites I've checked out (

I am in no way attempting to speak for all people with 4A/B hair types, I just feel that it would be nice to see photos of beautiful natural hair as well. You might check out for photos, they have some pretty good ones!

Thanks again for hosting this forum, I really enjoy it.


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    Viv, thanks for your suggestions and thoughts.
    I'll check out that Web site and see if they'd be willing to share their photos.

    And, please, let us know about any information you come across about natural type 4 hair; I've scoured, but have had a tough time finding stuff. Seems like everything's about relaxing!

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