I think I'm a 3b and want some reccomendations for products!

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Hey there y'all! Newbie here who would really like to know what sort of conditioners/gels/shampoo (if any) you use on your hair. I've been looking around at Meijer (our local superstore for non-Michiganders) and Walgreens and CVS, but so far have not found any non-silicon conditioners that seem to work well. I've been curly girling it for 7 months now and my only problem is my extremely flaky scalp! So, what do you all use? Thanks for the help! -Rapunzel



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    My goodness, your hair is sooooooo beautiful. It's hard to find classic length and curly!

    For the scalp, some have had luck with products with tea tree oil, and some have had luck with ACV rinses.
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    OK, tea tree oil, but what is ACV? I think your hair is beautiful too! I always wanted red hair, but, alas...:D Thanks, I'm pretty willing to try anything at the moment!!!!
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    Here is what I found on an earlier thread, good luck:

    Originally Posted by Dalolly viewpost.gif So do you mix one part ACV and one part water - or something like that? Do you do this after cowash. What does this actually do? Does it take out product buildup? Thanks!

    Noooo -- that would be WAY too much vinegar. Generally, use about a tablespoon of vinegar to every cup of water.

    There is no absolutely right way to do an ACV rinse, but here's how I do it:

    1. Wet hair thoroughly
    2. Pour the ACV rinse over your hair
    3. Apply conditioner and let it sit a few minutes
    4. Rinse out conditioner as you normally would -- the vinegar will come out at this time, leaving no aroma behind (opinions vary on this point, but I've yet to have my hair smell like vinegar when using this method)

    ACV rinses remove product buildup and just generally perk up your hair. They don't remove 'cones, though.
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    Oh, sorry. ACV is apple cider vinegar. I don't get falkies that I see, but it does help me with the itchies.
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    Rapunzel your hair is so beautiful!:)

    Since, you are not able to find any drugstore shampoos, conditioners, or stylers that are cone-free locally, then why not try shopping from /home/leaving?" class="Popup or CurlMart. As, the Jessicurl line would be a good line for you to try. Because, all of their products are cone-free and their products have proven work well for a number of women with Type 3b hair. Also, the Jessicurl line has an "Oil Blend" product in the line that you could use to apply to your scalp to help relieve the itching and flaking.
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    Your hair is gorgeous,

    Have you tried giving yourself a scalp treatment. In Loraine Massey's book "Curly Girl" on page 38 she suggests a weekly skalp treatment which is made of 1 tablespoon brown sugar or quinoa mixed with 3 tablespoons of your favorite conditioner. I have done this with brown sugar and suave naturals coconut conditioner and it works great. I was using it once a week but now only have to do it once a month
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    Thanks for all the advice! OK, apple cider vinegar, I'll try that. Yeah, my head is pretty itchy today....:(

    Yes, I've tried the brown sugar thing, not quinoa, though. Maybe I didn't do it right, though because I was using a cone conditioner (tresemme, european). That was a while ago, though, so maybe I'll try it again. I noticed the brown sugar dissolving very quickly into the conditioner, but does the quinoa wash out?

    My head is not as flaky or itchy as at the beginning, but it's driving me crazy because I can't quite get it to go back to non-flakiness that I had finally figured out how to get with shampoo!!!!

    Thanks for the compliments too! You guys are great.

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    Sorry, I forgot to reply to StepNout (:sad8:) At the moment I'm trying not to spend too much money, but if the ACV and brown sugar stuff doesn't work I'll definitely move on to that. ANYTHING!!!! :D Thanks!

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    Burt's Bees?

    Every Meijer I've been in has been carrying them lately.
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    I sometimes have a problem with flakes as well. I have found, like it has already been stated, that scalp treatments work really well. When you have a bunch of build-up in your hair, malibu treatments work excellent. I just got one the other day. The difference? A malibu treatment is a two step process. The first step strips the hair and scalp of all build-up, which can also strip the hair of essential oils etc. The second step is basically like a scalp treatment. It helps to put back some of the moisture and essential oils in the hair. I usually will do a malibu treatment once a year. A scalp treatment is basically a deep conditioning treatment usually done with animal cholesterol. I think there are vegan ways to do it as well, but that's what I've seen used. I usually will do a scalp treatment once a month. I said to go to a beauty school because it's cheaper. I got a malibu treatment a few days ago for $9. At a salon, would probably have cost me $40.
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    Hi everyone, I just came across this site and am thrilled that there are other curlies out there in this world of straight-hair! I have been dying my hair and diffusing it for about 5 years. Prior to that, I had never used chemicals or heat on my hair and my curls were gorgeous ringlets... Today, my hair is just a mass of relaxed stringly frizz and more wavy than curly. In addition to dying my hair I actually have highlighted it a few times and it is very dry and damaged. I really need some suggestions on products that can help out my distressed curls. I want my curls back! Help! (I am a 3b)
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    I've had the same problem - I had gorgeous ringleted curls before I started coloring regularly. I've been considering going back to my natural color which is so dark brown it's almost black, but I've never felt that it suited me, I'm very pale but not caucasian (Italian, Spanish, Native American, Mexican) so it looks "off" - it makes me look washed out and ill. I color it so it's a lighter, warmer reddish brown.
    But my curls definitely suffer, they are much drier and tend to frizz a lot more. I have thick, 3b/botticelli curls - though didn't identify as botticelli until I stopped using shampoo and conditioners with silicones in them (my hair is still in a recovery phase from these things).

    I can recommend using a no-lather shampoo: I use [buylink=]DevaCurl No Poo[/buylink] but my old stylist who trained with Lorraine Massey says the Lo Poo is good for removing build up without stripping the hair of oils. I like the No Poo better, and to cleanse the buildup I use an apple cider vinegar wash, but not very often.
    Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl book recommends squeezing half a lemon into your conditioner and washing with that, I think. I may give that a try.
    I also mix lavender oil into my conditioner (I use DevaCurl's One Conditioner) for a deep treatment with heat.

    I've been tempted to try the Wen haircare system which operates on the same premise as Massey's DevaCurl/Care system (no shampoo) but haven't heard anything overwhelmingly positive about it yet. DevaCurl works well for me - I noticed my curls were softer and more defined the first day I used it. I'm still transitioning to a full Curly Girl so I'm hoping it'll only get better.

    DevaCurl can be pretty expensive though :( I think you can get the same or similar results without buying their products if you use a conditioner that doesn't have silicones in it, as as cleansing conditioner, that's what I used to do. Try the vinegar rinse if you have build up, and deep condition with an oil added to your conditioner. Olive oil is good, jojoba oil, lavender, etc. Or the tea tree oil for your scalp.
    Also, be careful with gels, mousse, etc., and these can dry and flake depending on the brand.
    Good luck!
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    Ok, Just to let y'all know what's going on with my hair, I've started using apple cider vinegar on my hair, and thus far I am cautiously happy with it. The flakiness seems to be dissapearing, though I must say that I used a ton. I thought I remember what everyone said about how much to use, but I didn't until I came back here and looked....(embarrassing...) However it seems nice.

    I probably should elaborate about the not finding any non-cone-conditioner: I've found a bunch of different brands, but all of them seem to leave a residue that's very sticky and adheres to my scalp like glue! Well, maybe a SLIGHT exageration. I've tried Burt's bees and don't like it, so I have compromised by using something called Natures Gate conditioner on my head and Tresemme color restoration on the rest. My hair is NOT colored, but that conditioner seems to work the best.

    If this doesn't work, I'll definitely think about trying the other recommendations! Thanks you guys.

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    You have absolutely beautiful hair, Rapunzel85! Do you have a Trader Joe's around you? Their conditioners are really good and cheap. I like both the Refresh and Nourish ones. How about using a little jojoba oil as a scalp massage, leaving it on overnight and washing out in the morning? That might help with the flakes. I currently use an oil blend called Sweet Success Hair Oil and it's really help me with my flaky scalp problem.
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    I second that! Trader Joe's Refresh is the best. I use both the shampoo and the conditioner. I use the shampoo like twice a week, and cowash (no-poo) the rest of the time. I am 99% sure the Refresh shampoo is CG - I read the ingredients and didn't see any cones or sulfates in it. It doesn't lather when I was with it but still cleans my hair nicely. Refresh is dirt cheap at $1.99 a bottle for either the condish or the poo, so it can fit nicely into any curly girl's routine. I LOVE it!!
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