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I am wondering what those of you:

1. who live in cold weather, how do you dry hair faster
2. get second day hair w/o having to wet it everytime
3. how long it takes in the am to look put together.

I have very thick hair, and it takes more than an hour to dry it (with blow drier and hood drier)

right now my routine is:

-wash w/whatever shampoo I happen to love at the moment..usually suave.
-comb my conditioner with suave conditioner (it usually has some jojoba oil added to it)
-gel it with my own concotion (about a dime size each of aloe vera fruit of the earth, honey, fantasia gel)

then I wait for it to dry, sometimes the hair takes up to a WHOLE DAY to dry. advice.
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    If i want to wear my hair curly, I can't use any heat. I do my hair in the evening and let it air dry. I sleep in a silk scarf, wake up, fluff and I'm good to go. I don't really do much for second day hair and I always sleep in my silk scarf, which really helps to keep the curls defined and bouncy.

    HTH :D
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    1. who live in cold weather, how do you dry hair faster

    The only way I can dry it faster is to use a diffuser(after plopping). I use the sock diffuser and use the the lowest heat setting possible(normally warm). Also, limiting how much gel you use or not using gel at all. The more product you use, the longer it takes to dry. There have been occasions where I've washed my hair in the morning(9 am) and by 11 pm, it would still be wet. And I can't sleep on wet hair, or my hair will flatten, and then I'd have to rewet it. I was living in the Chicago area not too long ago, and having wet hair during the winter there is a no-no. I live in the DC area, and having wet hair here in the winter is also a no-no. :lol:

    2. get second day hair w/o having to wet it everytime

    A satin pillowcase helps, as well a using a good gel. I hardly ever have to rewet my hair. I can go up to 4 days without rewetting, but it depends on the products used and how well I distributed them.

    3. how long it takes in the am to put look together.

    Normally, all I do is add a moisturizer, fluff my curls, and go(if I have 2nd, 3rd, 4th day hair). Finve miunutes tops.

    If you mean from start to finish(on wash day), it takes me an hour to shower, wash & condition my hair and style(this includes plopping, which cuts down on the drying time by sopping up most of the drippies and diffusing). I take my time, so it may not take as long for other people. :)
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