Losing Weight, fast?

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Do you all know of any ways that I can lose weight, fast?

Based on the scale, I'm average weight (142) for my height (5'6''), but my stomach seems to take on a lot of the weight. I have to lose about 4-7 inches from my stomach by July 7th. I have to go to cheer camp on the 8th, and I stupidly inspired myself to grab a skirt that was one size too small. So...I've got a lot of work to do.

I've started jump roping because I've heard that it helps burn fat, but frankly, I've been only feeling the burn in my calves and shoulders....which are two of my best attributes..

So, any help will be greatly appreciated!!! :]
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  • badgercurlsbadgercurls Registered Users Posts: 3,077
    I have to lose about 4-7 inches from my stomach by July 7th

    I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but this is going to be nearly impossible, particularly since it sounds like you're at a healthy weight for your height. Certainly, in slightly less than a month you can firm up your mid-section, but 4-7 inches is not a realistic goal at all.

    No matter where you "feel the burn," aerobic activity like jumping rope helps you burn fat (and lean tissue if you're not strength training) all over your body. You cannot spot-burn fat; your body will choose where to burn it from. I think the rule of thumb is usually that the last place you gain weight is the first place you lose it, but I am not absolutely certain.
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    BadgerCurls is right. The spring/summer before I went to high school I lost a lot of weight but it definitely wasn't fast and I definitely didn't do it in a week (a total of 8-9 months).

    You do realize that after you come back from Cheer Camp, you'll also have lost quite a bit of weight from running around and eating a little less than you do at home?

    You've got nothing to worry about, except not fitting into that skirt right away, IMO.

    Maybe you should just take that one back and swap it for a bigger size. Good advice is to always try things on before you buy them.
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    I'm not even sure it's healthy for you to lose 4-7 inches, given your stated weight and height. :? 4-7 inches is a lot.

    That said, I lost flab from my belly by cutting way back on carbs. Not elimination, just scaling back to about 30% of where I had been which, admittedly, was a rather high amount.

    I should add, this was not a quick fix. I've lost about 6 pounds in 6 weeks.

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