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    I love seeing all these transformations! This thread was what inspired me to try the Curly Girl Method on my own frizzy, unruly hair. After over six months of experimenting, I'm so happy that I can post my own before and after here now!

    Pre CG, straightened (not really, but as straight as my hair will get!) Poor, dried-out heat damaged hair:
    Attachment not found.

    Pre CG, natural but still really dry and frizzy:
    Attachment not found.

    My best hair day ever since going CG in April:
    Attachment not found.

    The Curly Girl Method saved my hair. I was so frustrated with it that I was considering just getting it chemically straightened, but dreaded doing that since I know how hard it is on hair. :( Then I accidentally stumbled onto this thread. Happy accident! Keep curling, everyone!:)

    Oh wow, you are my hair twin! I've got long 2Cish hair, too. :) Mine isn't as nice, though - I'm still trying to figure things out. What is your routine like?

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