How to moisturize a twist-out?

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Hola Chicas :)

Now that I'm wearing twist-outs (or t-n-c's) as opposed to wash-n-gos, I've realized that moisturizing my dry 2nd and 3rd day hair leads to mega frizz and a severe reduction in definition.

I like wearing my hair out as opposed to up in that bun, and I feel like a low mani style like a twist-n-curl is a great alternative. I retained a couple of inches while wearing protective styles, and I'm hoping the retention will continue even though my hair will be out. I DT before I style...everytime, and I use 3 moisturizers on day 1 (WDT+Deva+AOHC). I'm hoping that the infusion of moisture in the beginning will prevent me from having to moisturize the ends on the days in between, but I'm not so sure.

I feel like I should be moisturizing, but I don't know how to do it w/out causing frizz. Any thoughts?