does anyone elses hair ever do this?

princesscurlyprincesscurly Registered Users Posts: 81
My hair is curly on top and for the life of me I cant get my bottom layer to hold curl! Most ppl Ive seen are posting the opposite so I was wondering if anyones hair was like mine and what you do.


  • jersey8jersey8 Registered Users Posts: 195

    I usually have to use a triple barrel waver to get the bottom to blend in with the top that waves naturally.
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  • curlessencecurlessence Registered Users Posts: 81
    my bottom layer of hair is like this too! no matter how much product I put and how much I try to scrunch or twist it around my fingers, it's just lifeless! at least it's my bottom layer underneath everything so it's not too noticeable!
  • kimmyckimmyc Registered Users Posts: 551
    My underneath layer is pretty much straight! I figure it gets hidden by the top layers anyway. The only time it's probably noticeable is when I do a half up/half down style.
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  • princesscurlyprincesscurly Registered Users Posts: 81
    so at least Im not the only one then
  • benthuddbenthudd Registered Users Posts: 55
    My canopy is very curly but the underneath barely has any waves at all. I diffuse my hair while scrunching. When it is almost dry, I duck-bill about 8-10 loose scrunches up all over my head and leave it for anywhere from 15 minuites to up to 1 hour. I also use Biosilk RHG, which is serious business when it comes to holding curls. Growing out my top layers (which I am still doing) has --obviously -- helped give my hair a more overall uniform look (the curly top falls over the straight bottom).
  • oingo-sproingooingo-sproingo Registered Users Posts: 144
    Old news, but ME! Now that my hair is super long, my top layers are a 2B and the bottom is just ... barely 2A. If I pull the top part of my hair up, I look as though I basically have straight hair.
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    *All 2s and 3A (hair has been wonky lately)
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  • IwantcurlyhairIwantcurlyhair Registered Users Posts: 338
    Me too! The top layer curls nicely but I'm lucky if I get nicely defined waves from my underneath layer.

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