poo-less with low immune system?

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I posted this in the going shampoo-less section and someone suggested I post it here as well.......

There's a girl I know who is 13 years old and has very thick, very curly hair. It would be tight ringlets if it was healthy and cared for properly. Not to be mean, but she usually looks like a poodle with a bad hair day. She wants her curls back. Her mom asked me for help with it.

I was thinking about telling her about CO washing. But here's the problem: She had a heart transplant as a baby and has to take meds to keep her immune system down so her body won't reject the heart. I'm wondering.... if she doesn't properly cleanse her scalp when doing CO's, do you think she'd be at a higher risk of bacteria? I don't want to cause problems for her. She's not the best at personal hygene, so this is a legitimate concern that she'll just stop using shampoo and not understand the importance of the whole process of cleansing with CO.

Suggestions? Thoughts?


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    Wow! What an intimidating question! I'm not sure anyone would feel comfortable enough to answer a question that has possible life or death repercussions. I wonder if there are any curly doctors around here...

    In my opinion, if it's too dangerous, it might just be safer to go with a gentle shampoo. There are a lot of modified CG people here, so it works for them! It sounds like it might be too risky to stop completely, but what do I know? (Nothing!!!)
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    I agree with QY, it's a scary question lol.

    As most of us are on this site of all sites know, CG can be a project requiring a lot of information, education and experimentation. As you already reckoned, it might be a little much for her effort level at this time.

    It may be helpful to recommend the other parts of the method other than CO, like keeping it moisturized enough, gentler detangling methods, only blowdrying with a diffuser, etc. I can't imagine something like not dry brushing it would up the bacteria level. Brushing probably just takes the bacteria and spreads them out more evenly.
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    Thank you both for you input! I was hoping there may be someone here who has had personal experience in this area.

    What she's done so far:
    1. up the amount of conditioner
    2. use oil every day
    3. stop brushing

    Her hair has become a little softer and shinier, but the damage has already been done and I think she's just going to have to let it grow off. I trimmed about 3 inches off the ends that were in really bad shape. I can't seem to get her to stop dry-combing though. I think as she gets older and more determined to make it look good, it'll get better.
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    Remember there are sulfate free shampoos that she can use.
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    I take immune suppressants for my eczema. Though it's more sporadic and probably in smaller quantities than this girl, I don't see it being a problem if she's educated well.

    I go through bouts of poo-less action and it tends not to work for my hair type because I'm just a wavy. But it's never been a problem with a suppressed immune system. There shouldn't be all that much bacteria in her hair and if she's scrubbing like she should, then that would take care of it.

    It's hard to say and she could talk to her doctor, but I honestly don't see a problem with it. I've never had a problem with it. Sorry, HTH a little!

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    Thank you, Sunshine. That does help!
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    Since you mention she has an issue with hyigene already and most likely wont really grasp the poo free method at her age perhaps suggesting she washes it every three days and on the days she doesnt use poo then she uses her conditioner. Stress the importance of a wide tooth comb rather than a brush. Also buy her one of those soft cotton turby twist to keep her hair in while it dries. Set up a cute basket of new items like a low poo friendly type and condish for her..get a small calendar and mark on the third day "wash" then on the other days instruct her to use condish instead. Buy her a cute wide tooth comb and the turby twist (you can get at just about any store now days) and make it fun for her to learn how to care for her hair. Its just an idea but it might be more fun in the end.