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Ok..I think I have made a very important discovery. Someone mentioned on here (and for the life of me I cannot remember who) that when they sprayed in [buylink=]Greg juice[/buylink] on dry hair they didnt touch their hair.

As you all have probably read my rants over putting products on my dry hair and how horrible that works for me. Well, I have been experimenting with putting the revivers/refreshers on dry hair and not touching it. The [buylink=]Greg juice[/buylink] was OK. But then I made my own - some sheaM/cheap conditioner/a squirt of aloe with water added to the mix. I have this great bottle that mists (not sprays) but the consistency has to be right for it to do that - so I kept adding water until it misted. VOILA! For the past 2 weeks I have occassionally been spraying this conconction on my hair with good results. I spray it on - dont touch my hair and within a 1/2 hour my curls spring up.

Yesterday I decided to try my Lacoupe perfect curls refreshing spray the same way - yep - it worked! Now the bottle this product is in does not spray as well as that old Bumble/bumble bottle I have been using so I might try putting some of this into that bottle and adding some liquidy product - maybe CK and some water to thin it all out.

Now I have to say - it's not perfect. I always imagined using these sprays and having my curls spring up into little ringlets and it would make it any frizz just disappear! It does not do that but it does definitely boost my ends up and gives my wimpy curls some extra staying power.
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