Idea: organize "tools" product reviews

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Ooops - I just saw that Curly Q tip requested the same thing nevermind!


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    The review you guys have done on shampoos, conditioners and styling products have been like a bible to me. I especially like to refer to the styling products section, but the list is so huge that it takes a long time to load and often times the images stop coming in. How about if you separated this section into smaller ones according to different types of products, i.e. gels, hairsprays, molding cremes/pastes, mousses/foams, smoothers, de-frizz/shine products, etc.? The same could probably be done for shampoos and conditioners, maybe they could be divided by purpose, i.e. detangling shampoos, clarifying shampoos, intensive conditioners, etc.

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    Yes, we'd love to as soon as we can afford it.

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