I'm still confused on the Florida and Michigan primaries....

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Ok, I know we should all be clear on this by now, but given the mixed answers I've been getting from people I know: Did the Florida and Michigan Democrats have a choice to NOT hold their primaries too early (being in Republican-governed states)...or did they?

Just curious! This primary election has brought so many details to my attention that I never paid attention to before about the Democratic party, that it makes me want to re-study Political Science all over again.....


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    It didn't have anything to do with who governed the states. DNC rules prohibited anyone but the "early primary" states from voting before February 5th. Michigan and Florida felt that was unfair because they wanted their voters to have just as much of a say. So, they ignored the DNC rules and held their primaries early. The DNC punished them by stripping them of their delegates.

    When the candidates learned before the primaries what was going to happen, some of them pulled their names from the ballot. Some chose to leave their names on it. That's where the trouble comes in; some candidates received votes because their names were on the ballot, but according to the rules those votes never should have been counted.
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