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Why is society obsessed with straight hair...when most people don't have(naturally) straight hair anyway? Why is curly hair such a horrible thing? I'm so sick of people making fun of my hair and telling me that I NEED (yes...NEED) to straighten my hair. Lately I've been nicknamed "werewolf" and "witch" because of the way my hair is....GRRR!!! :angry7:

Pic of my hair while it's curly(is it really werewolf-ish?...):



http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z191/LiarXInXTheXGlass/wet.jpg (not very curly in the last pic because my hair was pretty much soaking wet from being in the pool and at the beach..it gets curlier when it dries. )

Straight hair:

What looks better on me? Straight or natural?....


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    Definitely curly looks better :D
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    I didn't see a witch or werewolf.

    Rock it straight or Rock the curl :evil1: Keep them guessing.
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    LOVE the curls on you!
    Pfft, I didn't see any werewolfness in there, just a pretty girl :)
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    Now, I assume that you mentioned it looked werewolf-ish because someone else used that description on you. Girl, you need to give yourself more positive comments! If you keep using negative terms others have used on you, you're going to believe them more than you believe yourself!

    Anyways, now that I've said that, I must say, the curls in your first picture look really lovely!! Just keep away from the iron and I'm sure your curls will improve even more than they already have! :)
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    Boy, it really depends on the gel (and the weather, and the position of the stars, and what kind of mischief Britney Spears has gotten into).
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    Natural looks way better. Straight hair on you makes you look a lil' gothlike and sad. Curly looks friendly, wild, and fun.

    A lot of people hate what they can't have. I think the people that envy my curls the most are the ones who have straight hair that can never hold a curl. Maybe that's why the straight-trend is hot even though most people are wavy/curly?
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    Your natural hair is wonderful. I don't see anything but cute.

    You have to remember who these comments are coming from and see them for the pathetic people they are. Their stoopid comments are NO reflection on you. Next time they say something that sad and lame just smile and pity them on the inside. They are losers.
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    I have to agree with the others. Werewolfish is a serious stretch. But teenagers exaggerate and can be very cruel. Girl, don't conform, own your curls! And straightening it doesn't lok bad, and it's good to mix it up sometimes. But the curls are all you!
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    Werewolf-ish? That's ridiculous! Your hair is soo cute curly!

    I understand what you're going through. The whole of year nine I was teased constantly about my hair. I've come to realise that they are people who cannot accept difference (i'm like one of 5 people in my school with curly hair) so I've learnt to ignore them and I've gradually come to love my hair (seriously, I straightened it the other day and suddenly my face had no character to it. I looked average.)

    Don't listen to those horrible people who diss your hair, seriously. They're losers who to be honest aren't people you want to know.

    And "werewolf" and "witch"? Yeah, like that's original... What idiots! Until they can come up with something better and nicer, tell them to kiss your @$$ because they aren't worth your time.

    Curly hair offically rules *woot!*
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