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The one thing I would recommend is having a section where people can give feedback if they have tried a salon that you have posted. I would like to know if anyone else besides the person who posted the salon has gone and tried the person. Thanks for making this really helpful and awesome site! You guys have made my curly hair not such a nightmare anymore.


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    Martha...I agree that's an excellent idea...maybe even a place where we can have the option to e-mail the person who recommended the we can in the discussion forum???
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    You both make excellent suggestions. As for Amy's idea, I can just make the "more info" part a hyperlink to the recommender's email address.
    In terms of feedback, I guess I could just create another form that readers could fill out and submit. I could then post the feedback (when it comes in) right with the recommendation.
    What do you think?

    I just posted several new recommendations, btw, for many US states, Ontario, and a few on our international page.
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    I think that is a great idea gretchen! It would really be helpful!
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    I love that idea. If there was some way to list all the on your particular state...and then the list of cities that members have posted feedback on a certain salon. I don't mind telling you that I've been tempted to travel this summer to New York, just because of the positive feedback for a certain salon I've read about here on this site.
    Anybody know of a great salon around Nashville, TN that caters to the Naturally Curly!?
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    Most of that is already in place, Souette smile.gif check out the link to salons from the main web page smile.gif

    I do like the idea of adding information about who (and/or how many people) recommended each salon though!!

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    Thanks Ragdoll,
    Boy is my face red! I remember seeing this when I first joined a month or so ago. I agree about listing the person who made the recommendation so that we could e-mail that member with specific questions. Thanks again for the follow-up.
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    I really liked what Martha and Amy suggested. Gretchen, I hope that you are planning to implement what you indicated soon.
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    Dear Gretchen,

    I see that on the new postings to the salons list that you have added the hyperlink
    Thanks, this is great.
    Is it possible, if I provided the name of the state and the salon, that I could contact someone about one of the older listings?
    Please let me know.

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    Yes. It'll take me a while to go thru all the hundreds of salon recommendation emails I have, but I could dig one up for you. As the new ones come in, I'll put a link to the sender's email, if she provided her email address (not everyone does.) I'm also posting feedback I get on particular salons right there with the salon recommendation.
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    Dear Gretchen,

    I would be interested in getting more information about the Side Street Salon in Waldwick, NJ, MB's Sidestreet Salon in Nyack, NY and Joseph Anthony Hair & Nail Salon in Branford, CT.
    My e-mail address is
    Thank you very much.

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