Devachan stylist recommendation @ White Plains

I usually go to the Devachan in the city but now that the one in White Plains is open, I wouldn't mind giving a stylist there a's so much closer to me.
I need to get highlights for sure, and maybe a cut. I have thin and very fine, 3b hair. Anyone been there or have a specific stylist and colorist they recommend?



  • newcurlynewcurly Registered Users Posts: 1,310
    I've not heard anything about the WP Devachan, but I've heard REALLY good things about Lois at Louis De Chiarro in Eastchester.
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  • suesie970suesie970 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Lois is now at the Devachan salon in White Plains. I go to her, as do 2 of my sisters. For the first time in my life I have a hair dresser who can style my hair better than I can!
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