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I chopped my hair about a month ago and now my hair is now relatively short- ranging from 5-8 inches long when pulled straight. I am happy with my decision to cut the relaxed ends away, but I pin my hair back EVERY DAY because the way I look in short shirley temple curls is unbearable. I use a ton of bobby pins and sometimes a headband. So, Here's my question: I am going to an amusement park tomorrow. I haven't been to one in years, and I am wondering what is typically the policy about headbands and bobby pins on roller coasters? I remember once being asked to remove a headband, and I don't want to poke anyones eyes out if bobby pins start flying out of my hair! I thought: well, I can straighten my hair and wear it down just for one day, but it is supposed to rain on and off tomorrow + water rides= not good. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO??!!!
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    How about a pony tail or a bun with secured clips for any flyaways? Or you could just let the flyaways be. It shouldn't really matter if it's going to rain anyway. Wet curly hair looks great!:happy10:
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    thanks for sharing dude!______________________________Your forever friend gets you through the hard times,the sad lotro gold times,and the confused times.

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    when you claim in your nomination speech to the families of special needs children, "I pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House" after having reduced funding for special needs education by 62%
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    Last time I went to an amusement park ( a couple weeks ago) I was not asked to remove a headband and i dont think the bobby pins will poke anyone's eye out. If its a scarf that ur using as a headband i would secure it with bobby pins or go for the actual headband or even the goody ouchless headband

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    No one ever asked me to remove a headband or bobby pins. Maybe sunglasses or bigger, plastic headbands that could fly off?
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