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I need a quick and effective stretching routine to do in the mornings (and ideally before bed) that will take less than five minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My focus is mostly on my legs, maybe incorporating my neck and shoulder muscles as well.

I spend around 98% of my awake time sitting at a desk studying or learning (OK, minus all the "burn-out" breaks I take playing online). My legs are always cramping and I feel like I may actually have a form of sciatica. I'm also always hunching over my books so my neck and upper back are always tense and sore.

The idea of getting into a regular excersize routine right now is essentially impossible because my schedule is already so crazy and subject to change I have found I fall out of it quickly.

On rare "free" days I'll take the dog for a walk but other than that, my body gets no fitness at this time. Is there something I can do that won't interfere with my obligations yet help with these cramps and tenseness?


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    I also sit all day at the computer, and these three muscle groups are the most likely to get tight on me after sitting all day. so this is what I would focus on if I only had 5 minutes to stretch:

    - hamstrings
    - iliopsoas (this muscle runs from your lower abdomen to upper thigh)
    - lower back

    Hamstring stretch is simple and familiar, just keep one or both legs straight and reach towards your toes, bending at the hips instead of bending at the back so it doesn't turn into a lower back stretch.

    Iliopsoas stretch: an iliopsoas stretch would look sort of like this, you should feel the stretch in the front of your hip.
    You can also do this stretch standing up instead of one knee on the ground.

    Lower back stretch: My favorite lower back stretch is to squat and put my head between my knees. you could also sit on the floor and reach for your toes with slightly bent knees, bending at the back instead of the hips. Or sit on a chair and put your head between your knees.
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    Thank you tmmycat!

    On Friday I had my mentoring at the UrgentCare and asked my mentor about it (she's an MD), she suggested I may have sciatica secondary to piriformis syndrome (which can be caused by prolonged immobility). It's basically a tiny muscle embedded in your glute muscles and one of your major leg nerves (sciatic nerve) pierces right through it. It can get inflamed and then cause irritation to your sciatic nerve, causing the symptoms I've been having with radiating back and hind leg pain.

    I dug through the sports med books they have on hand there and found a terrific section on this and exercises you can do to help. I provided the following link in case anybody is suffering this same problem!
    (you may have to click on the picture once to enlarge so you can see it).

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