Really Thick Hair...need help!!

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I have really thick hair that is kinda curly but really poofy! i had it cut and thinned like two months ago shoulder length (bad idea). I am growing it out now but it seems like i get a uncontrolable super poof in the back! What do i do!! currently using pantene intense hydration+herbal essenes none of your frizzyness...sorry for my awful spelling;0


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    Oh that sounds fun...Pics might help a bit. My sugestion would be to wet down the back and then separate into small sections, twist them and then put gel on them to keep them defined. You might also want to dry a deep treatment for extra moisture.
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    The fact that you got your hair thinned certainly doesn't help. Nor does the fact that you use products containing silicone. Silicone keeps the moisture from getting to your hair, which also could be contributing to the frizz.

    I can tell you, I used to complain constantly that my hair was a big ball of frizz and nothing could tame it...until I found something that did...CG!!!

    It's definitely something to look into and try. It's very beneficial to hair. :)
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    Boy, it really depends on the gel (and the weather, and the position of the stars, and what kind of mischief Britney Spears has gotten into).
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    all very good advice! I second the CG suggestion. If you want less frizz then try keep more natural scalp oil in your hair by using gentler washing methods and.or less frequent washing.

    For example if you are currently using shampoo -> try conditioner-only and no-silicones

    If you are already going conditioner-only -> try less frequent washing, just replace a co-wash with a water wash when you can

    my hair used to be huge, puffy, dry, and frizzy. I was washing my hair 2-3x/week with shampoo. Now I am washing it 1x/week with conditioner and washing with water on the other days. Now my hair is smooth, soft, less puffy, and non-frizzy. It feels healthier and needs less products too.
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    I had that problem on the sides of my hair right above my shoulders. They were shorter for some reason and ppl thought I had it cut that way on purpose but it resulted from screwed up thinning but a new person started cutting my hair and ive been letting it grow out so its getting alot better. What I do is when i do my hair while its soaking wet I take each spiral and with a little bit of defining gel I wrap it around my finger to define each curl this way it stays more defined and poofs alot less.
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