Essential Oils and massage

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Hi! Okay I have seen on the Growing hair challenge thread the point of scalp massage using rosemary essential oil in a carrier oil. I have some really good quality Rosemary EO right now but I don't know what proper quantities would be. It is a really volatile oil! What other carrier oils could I use besides the grape seed oil?

Anyone have a recipe? Then, what sort of quantity do you use for the massage?


Oh......I have had great results for nail growth using Lemon EO but I have heard it is photo sensitizing and not a good one to use in the Summer, especially on the skin. Alternatives to Rosemary EO could be......?
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    Jojoba is a good carrier. Usually I think it's 2 parts carrier and 1 part essential oil, or 3 parts carrier and 1 part essential oil. Rosemary is fairly strong to saturate your scalp with.
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    I have been doing this also! I try to actually kill two birds with one stone and make an all oil DT (usually with jojoba, coconut and/or now EVOO) and then just add some rosemary into the mix.

    I have yet to determine if this is good/bad/waste of time, but it makes me feel better about my length. Plus, using a scalp massager with the rosemary leaves my head feeling so tingly and refreshed, especially if I do it after sitting under a dryer for a bit.

    I'll be interested in any good recipes as well!
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    Thank you!

    Yes a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio sounds about right. I guess I will go buy more pretty quick as the bottle I have is tiny and has a dropper so you can count the drops you use! But diluting it any more than that I suppose you would lose the stimulating effects.

    So I can just use my favorite oil as a carrier? Good deal!

    I also have a bottle of oil that has 31 EO's mixture (that I want to use up!). It says to use 5 drops mixed in shampoo to give stimulating effects. I suppose I could use that one too but dilute it a bit more than it is. Probably half and half.

    The smell of both the rosemary and the 31 mixture reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub. Not sure I will like to smell like that over the long haul. When searching the forums yesterday on massaging I saw that Jessicurl has one that smells like mint. That might be more agreeable for Summer! Or I suppose I could just buy a mint EO and mix it with rosemary?

    More experimenting to do!
    -Fine, ii (almost iii) thickness
    -salon pintura and natural sun-made highlights combo
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    -Growing it out
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