Something strange is going on with my MOP C curl cream!!!

BoomygrrlBoomygrrl Posts: 4,940Registered Users Curl Neophyte
I've been rotating my hair products around a lot lately, so I haven't been using any one in particular a lot lately. In the past week, I think I used MOP C curl cream twice...and for whatever reason, these past two times with it, my hair has felt gooey from it.
I used to love the MOP C curl cream. Could it be the humidity? Maybe it's the different combinations of other products. When I used Regis Olive Oil leave-in conditioner, it worked great. Now that I'm using one with the a-cone that is creamier than the Regis, maybe MOP C doesn't like it. Picky curl cream!! LOL
I don't know. Have you found MOP C reacts differently to whatever product you put with it? Or can I just blame it on the humidity?
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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    I had to put my Mop-C on hold for the summer. My hair felt gooey the few times I used it after it started getting humid outside. I'm using Jessicurl CC right now and it seems to be working just fine. Not sure what's making a difference but I'd say it could be a summertime humidity issue.
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    How long have you been using the Mop-C? If you have been using it for awhile and only recently experienced problems, it could be the change in weather or it could be other products you combine with it.

    My first 2 or 3 times using Mop-C were great, I thought I had found my HG. I even experienced 2nd day hair for the first and only time. Then it quickly stopped working. Long story short, I came to find out that my hair does not like polyquats, which Mop-C contains. I had such horrible build-up that I had to resort to a sulphate shampoo for removal! Needless to say, every product I had containing polyquats got thrown in the trash. :sad8:

    Hopefully, your solution won't be so drastic, but perhaps you should take a break from the Mop-C or try other companion products. The solutions don't always come as quickly as we'd like and sometimes, with all the experimenting and mixing, I begin to feel like a mad scientist...
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    Thanks. I plan to take it out of rotation for awhile, and then bring it back. I used to have such good success with MOP C curl cream, so I don't want to abandon it. It'll just wait for me when conditions change and I start using my Regis OO leave-in again.
    That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

    I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

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    I really felt that the mop-c reacted differently to my conditioners. When I first bought it I hated it so much. Then I switched up my conditioners and I just use it with my suave coconut condish and it seems to work really great. Now mind you, summer is only beginning here so it might only take one super muggy day for me to heave that gluey cream into the garbage.
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    I think it does react with some conditioners. I love SheaM with Mop-C.
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