traction breakage? I forget what they call it....

My daughter's hair is in the 3c/4a--possibly some 4b category. Thick, and very dense, but springy soft and very prone to getting extremely dry, especially on the ends.

SIL was my daughter's babysitter and she liked to do those very intricate AA hairstyles with the tiny, tiny pigtails and detailed partings (like Da Brat, rapper).

She used not rubber bands, but the tiny, supposedly 'no-breakage' ones that look like they're made of patent leather. I stupidly let her sleep in them a lot, because I didn't want to destroy the hairstyle.

Now that I've got her most of the time, I notice breakage. I'm not adept at cornrowing, intricate parting and that sort of thing. I usually part the hair and just do 'plain' plaits with bows at the ends, nothing at the base. My mom always did the same with us.

When I go to make sections, I notice that all the hair cannot be combed/brushed into their respective sections because it's noticeably shorter......I can make it look decent in the a.m., but it looks pretty bad at the end of the day.

My question is, how long will it take the hair to grow back if I just keep doing 'plain' plaits with no stress on the hair? Thanks in advance! :glasses9:


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    Here is her hair:

    Does anyone know exactly what category she falls into? I think she would look beautiful with locs, but I'm afraid her hair will be just soft enough to look frizzy and unkempt at the crown (Damien Marley comes to mind) if I loc her hair.

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    Sorry I don't have any advice. Just wanted to say you have a real cutie on your hands!
    Yummy 3b w/some 3a & 3c here and there!

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    Have you checked the 4a board for styling and care suggestions? Your child's hair looks to be a frizzy 4a. I don't know too much about African-inspired hairstyles like cornrows but from my observations, many of these styles seem to pull at the roots of the hair because the styles are too tight. I think that is why I have seen a lot of girls who have worn these styles with a significant loss of hair at their temples.

    From what I've read on the 4a board, you could put her hair in a bun or two plaits/braids for most of the week, and the hair will be protected. The best way for the hair to grow back is to moisturize and nurture the hair. Good luck to you and your little girl!
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