Joiwhip, CK, and more

jojobjojob Registered Users Posts: 127
A few products for sale that didn't work out for me:

Joico jiowhip mouse, used 3 times: $8 + shipping

Fx curl booster gel, used 3 times: $1 + shipping

Curl Keeper, 4oz, about an inch gone : $2 + shipping - GONE

JC Awe Inspiraling spray, 8oz, about an inch gone, citrus lavender: $8 + shipping

Aquis Mini's diva dryer hair turban, used & laundered once (I discovered that it is to small for my giant extra-large hat needing head): $9 + shipping

Paypal only. I would be willing to swap for KCCC, that is about it (trying to get the PJ under control).

PW: redcurl

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  • unique87unique87 Registered Users Posts: 71
    Pm'd you about the CK
    coarse, thick, fine, low porosity

    currently using:

    Shampoo: Creme of Nature (red bottle) 2-3 times a week

    Leave In: Givonnia Lustra Silk Shea and Mango

    Gel: biotera gel, AOMM gel, Loreal Tightly Wound Gel, L'Oreal Melting Gel

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