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Well, I just wanted to say I'm thrilled to be a member of, I have been transitioning for about a year and a half (long time I know but I'm afraid to cut off the relaxed ends) I only have like 1 inch of relaxed ends left. I have 3b/3c hair texture. Only problem is that this hair is damaged. I have like 6 or 7 inches of this "texture" or newgrowth. While I was growing all of this new and beautiful hair out, I was blow drying and flat ironing after every time I washed it (once a week). So therefore I have some pieces that are new growth but the curl is like hardly there and very frizzy. The rest looks healthy except for a few of these pieces. I was wondering can I cut these pieces out myself? Or should I not, they bother me so much because they don't look healthy. What can I do with these pieces? Thanks again! :icescream:
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    Welcome to the board!!! Yea, sounds like you have some heat damage. Usually it's permanent so you would have to eventually cut it off. Since you're still transitioning, why not trim it gradually?
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    i'll most likely have to cut it. I did a 17 month transition and I flat ironed or got my hair pressed every 2 weeks...and once I was 100% natural, I had some heat damaged hair.

    I got so frustrated that I cut it off one day down to 1 inch. the bad thing is that it was located right in the front...and i ended up with some 1 inch bangs which was not a good look for me!

    just trim it away gradually and if it is in the front or on the sides, you can cover it up with headbands.
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