victoria's secret for maternity?

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I haven't ordered V's clothing since the mid-nineties, and I recall the quality being mediocre to bad. I was browsing the website and saw some stuff that may work well for maternity. Do you think it's worthwhile to purchase V clothing? It's going to be the suck to be pregnant in hades like texas weather. I just want to be comfy.




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    I can't advise you about how those outfits will work for maternity wear, but I can tell you that the quality of their Victoria at Work attire is decent. Love the career trousers. I did purchase from them back in the '80s too and I agree about the quality. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
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    That first dress is so pretty! I agree that the quality of VS clothing isn't great, but the dress is too cute to pass up. And because it will be maternity wear for you, I'm assuming you won't be wearing it for long.
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    ive ordered clothes from vs before and in my opinion, the quality of the clothes arent worth the price (or the shipping!).
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    The quality has not improved, at least it hadn't when I last ordered just about a year ago. I now pitch the VS catalogs straight in the trash so as not to be tempted by the cute clothes only to be disappointed when I receive the order.
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