tell me I don't need old outgrown baby clothes

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I have yet to get rid of any of the boys' old clothes. And there is a lot of it. Bags and bags of it. Their stuffed under my bed, taken over my closet. There's so many bags of clothes, I'm having a hard time finding the summer clothes. I'm sick of it. I'm not planning on having any more kids, least for a long while, so I finally decided to get rid of them. But I'm finding that easier said then done. I was doing fine at first, until I got to the newborn stuff, and I couldn't go on. Part of the problem is sentimental, and the other half is my hording tendency saying I might need them someday.

Someone please knock some sense into me. We don't really have a whole lot of space here, and the clutter in my room is getting to me.


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    Would you feel better if you donated it to a battered womens shelter? Maybe that would feel better than just giving it to Goodwill, and maybe make it easier to part with.

    Also, keep one or two things if it makes you happy. Like their first shoes or something. You can make a memory box for each child that you can look at and pass on when they are grown.
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    Keep a couple of special outfits for each child and get rid of the rest. Aren't you also the one drowning in big toys that your boys keep receiving? I'd get rid of some of those while you're at it as well. ;)
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    I had the same problem. I knew I wasn't having any more kids, but I had a really REALLY hard time parting with baby clothes. Older kid stuff isn't as much of a problem for me, but oh-those-cute-baby-clothes tugged at my heart. I kept them for years, and when I finally got around to going through them, I realized that they weren't really as nice as I remembered. Some were stained and pilled, and I was able to get rid of them all without guilt. I'll buy new clothes for my grandchildren that will be much cuter than the stuff my kids stuff just keeps getting cuter. advice would be to actually take them out and look at them. They probably won't seem as cute anymore.
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    i had/have the same problem!

    i just got rid of someof my daughter's clothes that shes outgrown. i thought it would be alot tougher than it was. i looked at each article of clothing and decided whether or not i wanted to keep it. i managed to part with 2/3 of it. i took them to a consignment store nearby and the stuff that the consignment store didnt want i donated to goodwill.
    its alot easier to do if you actually do look at the clothes, like rcw said.
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    I agree with keeping one special piece of newborn clothing...that might make it easier to part with the rest.

    I kept the outfit that DS came home in, and rolled it up and tied it with the measuring tape he was measured with. I put that in a shadow box, with a picture of him when he was born and the little card that was at the end of his hospital basinette.

    I passed along DS's clothes to my BFF who had a boy. Every now and again, I get to see her sweet boy wearing what my DS once fit into. It's very sweet.
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    I haven't been able to get rid of anything. I did give a bunch of stuff to a friend of a friend, but it was all 12 month size that my daughter never wore.

    The things I just can't part with are all the unworn newborn things that she never got to wear because of that stupid f$cking hip harness. Those just break my heart.

    We may have another one day (tick tock) and I am hoping for a girl so I have an excuse to keep everything just a little longer. I know there are a lot of things that are special and I'll probably never let them go, but there are also a lot of like generic things that are stained or pilled or were washed so many times they're now a whole new size...still, I'm not ready!
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    Glad I'm not alone! I think I'll just get rid of a little at a time. I've lived with some of it for a little over 5 years,a little more time won't hurt anything. I was just going to drop them off at goodwill, but I think I've will give them to some sort of charity that helps people in need.
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    We had a garage sale last summer and as people were buying some of the clothes I just wanted to say, "no, not that outfit!" Then a few months later we decided to have another baby (doh!) and I got all bummed that we sold almost everything. But then I got to thinking that 3/4 of the baby clothes are almost 6 years old, and the other 1/4 is almost 4 years old. So we don't really mind starting over for Newbaby. I did keep the outfits they came home in, plus a few other outfits that they looked really cute in. This is gonna seem strange, but the one thing I had a really hard time selling was the backpack that I carried them around in. Loved that thing.
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    I'd vote for donating to a batter woman's shelter. Someone could really use those clothes instead of them being in storage. You could save a few pieces that have good memories attached and have a quilt made from them.

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    I'm going through this as well with older girl baby clothes as I'm packing to move. Ideally, I don't plan to have another child, but I'm subject to change my mind in a couple of years. So I'm keeping the pretty ones I loved and valued most, and giving the rest to a local compassion pregnancy center that takes baby clothes and maternity clothes.

    I hope that if I do end up having another child, that my good deed will be returned to me and that someone will donate baby clothes to me if I need them.....
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    I'm just waiting to go through Chas' clothes until we find out if this one is a boy or girl. I know some of the clothes won't work even if it's a boy because of the difference in seasons. Chas was born in August and this one will be born in October. I know we won't be able to use any of the short outfits.

    Granted, anything within the first year will be hard to get rid of. I have already put away his coming home outfit...but baby clothes are just so cute.
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    I told DH this is what I want for Harry's birthday: Baby Quilt Kit. I don't sew, but they will sew it for you.
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