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Doesn't look like this forum is as popular as...well...any of the others, but I thought I'd mention that I put up some no product pics. Maybe some of you can suggest/sympathize easier now. :D
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    Your hair is beautiful. You don't need any sympathy.
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    Sorry, girl--you ain't getting any sympathy from me, either!
    Your hair is shiny with no frizz-count your blessings! :D

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    LOL, thanks guys.

    It is definitely not frizz free though...I love how the camera hides that! (Oh, and moving to a new less-humid---still very humid---but less so than home---state helps).

    But I'm getting used to it. I've started wearing it natural and getting compliments, so that's good. :-) It's a start.
    2b, low porosity, high density, fine, loves protein