Forces of Nature

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I too, like you once did Gretchen, now live in Humboldt county. I'm originally from Sacramento. A nice dry climate, where I had few worries about battling the tortuous forces of nature. But alas! I have found a web site that truly can help!
When I first came up here to go to school I was lured by the lush vegitation, cool sea breezes, and ultimate beauty of gigantic redwoods sweeping down to rugged ocean cliffs that would eventually become my home. But I never gave thought to the forces of nature made this environment. I do truly love it up here. And I wanted to live where it rained a lot, not thinking that the rain would be a problem. I thought "I'll wear hats, I'll wear hoods, my umbrella will save the day!" But alas! No. It not only pours rain, the rain sends swirls of mist that speak to my hair as if to say "Be free! Be wild!".
Well after finding this site I have to say that I'm going to attempt to let my hair do just that. I would usually wash my hair at night and pull it back with hair clips into a tight braid during the day, then smolder it in heat set rollers the next night. I swear they would get so hot they were about to go into meltdown mode sometimes. I would then pull my newly managable hair (yea right biggrin.gif) back into a bun and wait another day until I could let it down. Some days I just don't care because there is nothing I can do about it. You see on top of it being wildly wavy/curly, it's so thick and there's tons of it. It's not even that long. And it takes forever to get it to do what I want it to. Now that I think about it, it's never done what I wanted it to do.
And so I'll keep returning to this web site to pick up little hints and perhaps trade some tips with fellow curlyheads! Thank you for creating this web site. It has truly made my day and perhaps will help me change the way I look at myself in the mornings when I wakeup with Wild Woman Hair!

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    Welcome! What a treat to hear from someone from my home town! I admire you for sticking it out up there in the fog. Sounds like you're finding a way to deal with it and have beautiful hair, too!
    I lived in Arcata as a very young child, then my family moved out to Freshwater; do you know where that is? I went to high school in Eureka.
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    No, sorry Gretchen, I don't know where Freshwater is, but of course I know where Eureka is. I checked out the link about the three of you who started this web page and I have to agree about it being pretty foggy up here.
    After visiting this site the other day I told my co-workers about it (four of which are curlyheads themselves). We were all so excited about it went on a search to answer some questions about how to get rid of triangle head, and we found some. It was great!
    One of my co-workers is thinking about being the bride of Frankinstein for Halloween and we were trying to figure out how to make her hair stand up. We were thinking of using egg whites to make it stiff and twisting her hair around wires somehow to make it stand on end.
    Any ideas?

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