Ogilvie Home Straightening

DARUL35DARUL35 Registered Users Posts: 51
Hello. Does anyone use the ogilvie hair straightener?
If so, do you do it at home yourself? If not ogilvie,
do you use any kind of hair relaxer at home by


  • IvelisseIvelisse Registered Users Posts: 13
    I used it. Its very easy if you follow the instructions. It is more a straightener than a relaxer, so if you would like relaxed hair it won't works. I'm a 3a and it soft my curls very well.
  • DARUL35DARUL35 Registered Users Posts: 51
    Hello Ivelisse. Did you use the Olgilvie all by your-
    self? Or did you have help? Also, do you still use it?
    How straight did your hair turn out with it?

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