ID my hair pls!

TeeCeeTeeCee Posts: 13Registered Users
ooh, I'm back. I have been on and off this site for a couple of months, debating if I want to keep up with my transition. Well I'm seven months in so--

It's weird finding your hair going through different stages. I'm hoping this is the last one... Could someone please tell me what type of hair I have. I know its frizzy and cottony. Would love to find a hair twin to help me during transitioning because its so hard finding the right products for my hair...

Help me out:dontknow:
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    Its so hard to ID hair when you're still transitioning. I would say 4a/3c, but I can't really tell because the relaxed hair is in the way. I used to think I was 3b but after I did the BC I realized I had 3c and some 4a in the front.

    If you're asking because you want to know what products to buy, I would buy hair products that are good for 4a and 3c hair. You can't go wrong with that. The hair typing should be taken with a grain of salt because we're definitely not a one-size-fits-all group of people.
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    Looks 4a-ish. But ya never know, there could other textures mixed in that you'll only see once you're completely natural. Happy transitioning!
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  • TeeCeeTeeCee Posts: 13Registered Users
    Thanks for the info.. I thought I was a little of both, 3c/4a, but looking at the textures from a lot of the beautiful pics of you ladies seems a little off from my texture. (BUT of course I am still transitioning) I will follows some hair tips/product info from this hair type... just in case ;)
    Last relaxer: October 2007
    Transition time: 7.5 months
    Big Chop: June 02, 2008

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    Your waves up front remind me a little of my hair. I'd say 4a/3c. I have both, and I always put 4a first because in my case, thats the dominant one :D You have beautiful hair (I love the color too!) and i wish you luck in your journey!
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    Not sure your texture. But your hairline looks like mine! Could we be hairline twins??
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  • Flower princessFlower princess Posts: 608Registered Users
    I'll say 4a/3c too
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