Mineral makeup vs liquid

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A lot of people seem to rave over bare minerals and other types of mineral makeup. If you use this kind do you feel it is better than liquid foundation? I have oily, breakout prone skin and currently use mac studio fix liquid foundation and blot powder. I don't feel it provides me enough coverage and leaves me greasy after a couple hours. Would mineral makeup be a better choice? I realize I probably shouldn't be wearing any at all to help my skin but I can't do that. Any recs?
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    Meowcosmetics.com has a huge selection of foundation colors for women of color. Mineral makeup is much better for skin than liquids. It causes fewer (or no) breakouts. I had to give up liquid gunk many years ago because it always gave me pimples. MMU doesn't do that.
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    Switching to mineral makeup years ago was definitely key in keeping my skin clear. There are oodles of brands you can choose from and they usually sell sample sizes. Try one and if you don't like it, know that there are many others and they are not all a like so it is worth trying another brand.
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