Charles Worthington - Dream Hair - Voluptuous Curls Defining Spray

mnekaw3mnekaw3 Posts: 69Registered Users
I tried this this morning and I didn't have any luck. If you have used it, what kind of combination have you found that works? I think that I need a good gel or cream to use 1st and then maybe use this as a finish or use it as a revitalizer.

Any expereince with it?


  • aptharsiaaptharsia Posts: 2Registered Users
    Way late posting (and I think this is my first post), but for anyone who is interested.

    I tried this using Suave Healthy Curls Mousse and by itself and loved it! The first time when I used the product alone, my curls were a little frizzy but only because it wasn't evenly distributed. The next time I used Healthy Curls Mousse before spraying my hair. My curls were so beautiful! Frizz free, bouncy and defined. What is even weirder is that that night I went to sleep without tying my hair up and woke up to even curlier hair, still with defined curls! I cannot believe how defined my hair was using this spray with the mousse. I live in humid Georgia and have never found a product that made my hair frizz free.

    So, that is that. I hope they keep this product around forever. Just my 2 cents. :toothy7:
  • Moon-heeMoon-hee Posts: 1Registered Users
    I couldn't wait to wash it out of my hair. The scent gave me a headache.

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