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starinastarina Registered Users Posts: 665 Curl Neophyte
Can you guys recommend some good science fiction? I'm not interested in the fantasy genre, must be straightforward science fiction. I kind of have a hankering to read some now that summer is almost upon us. Give me some good ideas!
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  • papayahedpapayahed Registered Users Posts: 1,282
    Good Omens and American Gods were fun.
  • nynaeve77nynaeve77 Registered Users Posts: 7,135 Curl Novice
    Dune is always a good one. One of my very favorites (don't know how easy it is to find, though) is called A Miracle of Rare Design by Mike Resnik. It's a very short book, but it's so interesting. It's about a guy who goes undercover in alien civilizations to learn more about them.

    ETA: Here's a link--
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    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. There are five books in the trilogy (lol, I know) and they are the funniest, British-wittiest books I have ever read. I highly recommend them - ever since I borrowed a friend's all-in-one set, I have wanted one for myself!

    Besides, read them and you'll never look at the number 42, mattresses, dolphins, poetry or highway bypasses the same way again. :wink:
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  • starinastarina Registered Users Posts: 665 Curl Neophyte
    Well I found that belongs to my daughter laying around the house called "Lost and Found" by Alan Dean Foster. I think she had to read it for school or something. I started reading it and it's kinda fun! Thanks for the the recs, might have to try some of those, especially "Hitchhiker's Guide..." those sound like fun!
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  • happy-girlhappy-girl Registered Users Posts: 208
    When I was going through my sci-fi phase I was really into Ray Bradbury. Specifically, "The Martian Chronicles" and "The Illustrated Man." I strongly prefer his collections of short stories to his longer works.

    Someone recently recommended some Arthur C. Clark too (who wrote "2001") but I haven't gotten around to him yet.
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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    Snow Crash, and The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
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  • AngularScienceAngularScience Registered Users Posts: 844 Curl Neophyte
    I'll be the first to admit that I still will pick up an Animorphs book. I wanna change into an animal!

    I still like classic sci-fi like H.G. Wells's stuff and also Jules Verne stuff.

    I also recommend Interstellar Pig, Farenheit 451, and anything Isaac Asimov.
  • susancnwsusancnw Registered Users Posts: 1,374 Curl Novice
    Happy Girl, it's Arthur C. Clarke. Arthur Miller was a playwright.

    I'd recommend anything published by Baen Books. All sorts of scific, fantasy. I love John Ringo, David Drake, David Weber, Mercedes Lackey...AND they have a free library where you can read the whole book, or you can read a free sample to see if you want to buy the book...and the forums......great
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  • gimlispeoplegimlispeople Registered Users Posts: 22
    Simon R. Green, Robert Heinlein, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, and Jim Butcher are all good . . .
  • whatsercurlwhatsercurl Registered Users Posts: 4,049
    Anything by Arthur C Clarke, Orson Scott Card, the Ringworld series by Larry Niven, Greg Bear.
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    Take a look at the link below.
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  • starinastarina Registered Users Posts: 665 Curl Neophyte
    timothysmom, that's impressive! I think I've satisfied my craving for science fiction. I just finished "Naked Sun" by Isaac Asimov. I think I'm done with sci-fi for a while! Besides, I get all my books at the thrift store!
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