I'm Tempted To Try These

msjokermsjoker Posts: 1,658Registered Users
Even though it didn't work out when I was transitioning. I used to use redken smooth down and the butter treat when I was relaxed. During transitioning, these products didn't work and I wonder if it'll work now that I'm natural.
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    I would say probably not, only cause I used the butter treat while my hair was natural & I didnt like it. I'm also sure they are loaded w/ silicone...
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    my hair hates redken products
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    I just started using Smooth Down Butter Treat and so far I like it, cuz it's rich for the winter and you don't need a lot(I also like Solid Water).

    The only cone in it is amodimethicone-the water-soluble one.

    You never know it might work on your natural hair. I tried QP Elasta Mango butter several times while transitioning and it dried out my hair an awful matted mess. Now it makes my curls/coils feel like silk. I don't understand, but I almost tossed it until one night when I was desperate!
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    Pizazz, that's so interesting about the elasta qp, because my hair was also super dry and I really wanted it to work out of me because it seemed like a lot of people loved it. I wonder if I should try it again.
    "It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."