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ok im thinking about straightening my hair with a flat iron and ive done it a couple of times before. whenever i straighten it i have worn it down the whole day and i end up doing it on impulse. it makes my hair look matted and not a very "pretty" straight. should i use something or like wash and then blowdry then straighten, what should i do?


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    I'm a 3A with very smooth, kinda of thin hair, but a TON of this may not all work for you!

    I wash (shampoo & condition) and rinse with cool water making sure all condition is out.

    Totally dry. I'll use a blowdryer, but prefer to just go to bed with it wet and do in the morning.

    I use a hot air brush to go over each section, then quickly pass over with the straightner.

    Once my whole head is done, I run a pea size of silicone (citre shine) sealer/shine stuff through it.


    Best straightener I've ever used....and I had a CHI!!!

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