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ok so i'm fourteen and play a lot of sports. i tend to take a shower every morning and sometimes at night depending on if i have a game. i was wondering what shampoo and conditioner you guys use as well as what products. i need something pretty simple that has a good hold but i HATE when my hair is crunchy. could you tell me what you use? or anything that you do that makes your hair amazing!


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    Hi there. From the small bit of information I've gathered since being a CG, I've found that many people seem to like Suave Natural Coconut Conditioner. I plan on trying that next. As for shampoo, don't (unless it has water soluble silicones). I've always liked leave-in conditioners, and I'm not very picky about which ones (though my hair might be better if I was....:toothy7:). I also like Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Hair Gel. Then, to get rid of any crunch, scrunch! Sorry this wasn't more helpful.
    3a/b ?

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    Are you a 2 or a 3? I think wavies can get away with shampooing with low-sulfate poos more than curlies can. Maybe you can try a low-sulfate poo like Trader Joe's Refresh? Personally, I rotate sulfate-filled shampoos with the seasons, but I try not to wash hair every day. I always use a leave-in of some sort (I found this great spray in the Hispanic haircare aisle, but the label isn't in English and I don't think it's widely available), and sometimes a styling cream or gel, or a product that combines the styling product with leave-in conditioner. I also do deep treatments overnight to strengthen my hair. Just look for styling products that contain few 'cones. Aussie and Garnier Fructis make some great styling products, often combining them with leave-ins.
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    i think im a 3a/b and i use garnier fructis and aussie! and i just bought the totally twisted gel from herbal essences. thanks for all of the leave in ideas guys! and i will try and stop using shampoo... it might be a little hard tho, haha

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